Diary of a small painting

May 2020 Not a lot has changed in a month, playing in the studio is ongoing. Got in a couple of books on Hockney’s work to feed my painterly soul. The physical distancing required by COVID-19 creates lots of time to paint, experiment, play, consider & adjust. 

Time for Tea? is a statement and a query. I look forward to sharing a cuppa, face-to-face with friends. In the interim this colourful work is a gutsy, whimsical virtual tea party.

Feb 2021 Not a lot has changed externally. LOTS of time to paint: 22 works since Time for Tea? Whoo hoo!

May 2021 Hmmm, no new work though I’m reading, thinking, dreaming about art. Have read that change is a great stimulator so the global happenings of early pandemic were stimulating! Now, not so much. Feh!

Jun 2021 Today sold Time for Tea? Whoo hoo! Makes for a pleasant change and change stimulates creativity – she said hopefully.

397 Time for Tea? 8 x 16″ SOLD

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