Creativity continues, with a few hiccoughs

I’m coming out of a dry period, so challenged myself with a 24 x 36 inch canvas – no need to take things slow!

My intention was to create a sister work for 421 Cornered II from September 2021.

I worked with similar colours but an opposing motivation–I knew this work would be called Boundless.

This is an early draft:

There were many iterations to get here: shapes and colours added, removed, covered. It was getting close but was missing focus and WOW. I enlisted the help of artist friends for comments.

  • I’ve turned my laptop this way & that & upside down & it looks very balanced to me. The eye travels around nicely from all viewpoints. I think if you outlined the circle, it would concentrate the eye a bit too much on the circle & it would not flow as well.
  • I love all the varied elements in this, & the colours. My eye stays within the plane & roams pleasingly around it. I really like the checkerboard on the left.   
  • The pale circle is crying out to be the focal point. It doesn’t know why? It’s intriguing. It’s really pulling me in.                   
  • I think it’s wonderful! Outlining the white circle? Maybe…or maybe just the half against the yellow/green side.

I listened, reflected, then acted. And this is the result.

Next up, a smaller work for the series!

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