The devil’s name is Murphy?

Think I’ve mentioned being in a slight creative (painterly) slump since April. I’m working imaginative magic tweaking my home, making aesthetic changes inside and out. But generating art? Not so much. Dishes emerging from my kitchen are varied and delicioso — I’ve got the extra pounds to prove it! But it’s not feeding my urge to paint. Though I did do a nice red chalk-paint job on a small side table (not sure furniture counts as fine art in this case.)

We all experience dry periods so I’m not worried, really. Much. I’m reading about art, visiting art galleries. I’m buying exciting art materials too. I’m also very involved in organizing and hanging Collectif art shows – so I’m not divorced from art, just not making very much. At all.

Yet, ironically, this has been a year with many shows, interested viewers and strong sales. Normally that would spur me to splash paint around but . . . bupkiss. Sigh.

Perhaps the hyperactivity of fall with cooler temperatures will help and, soon, I’ll focus and happily share my quirky worldview in paint. As in this piece from a workshop: I didn’t like the model but the chap in front of me was fascinating!

249. The Colourist. 20 x 16″ Acrylic on Board

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