Where do the time go?

Some months since last we updated these pages, with nothing much (personally) new in this time of changes.

Planning shows for the Glengarry Artists’ Collective – details will be posted – and struggling with several canvases. Or, more accurately, with the way I’m reacting to the canvases. I’m attempting calmer and quieter paint applications.

By calmer I mean 

  • Waiting to paint until I know what the next paint stroke will be: more mindful if you will
  • Tamer colours (mostly!)
  • Limited palette.

Is an education! Four more canvases in the studio now at various levels of . . . doneness. Will also be experimenting with other media including ink sticks, pastels. And doing another ceramic class with Brenda Sutton Mader.

Unaccustomed to moving slowly, but it IS generating some different results.


2 thoughts on “Where do the time go?

  1. I particularly like how you handled the lights and darks in Cozy and the palette in Posy.


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